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Súbete a mi Moto

In 1977, in the small town of Caguas, Puerto Rico, at the initiative of an ambitious and skilled businessman named Edgardo Díaz, a group was born that laid the foundations for the “boy bands” that still exist today. Creating never-before-seen rules and a work style that had never been implemented, Edgardo developed a group that continues to be the reference for all other Hispanic youth bands and that launched the solo careers of important music luminaires. 


With drama, emotion, incredible anecdotes and anthological songs that will mark the beginning… and much of each episode, “Subete a Mi Moto: Based on the Menudo story”, will tell an adventure of epic proportions: the story of the youth phenomenon that revolutionized Latin pop music forever.

Gina Yei

Coming Soon - Songs

Gina is a cheerful and creative girl who likes to write… and thanks to her talent she has won a scholarship at the prestigious Caribbean Musical Institute, located on the island of Puerto Encantado and considered the birthplace of the successful “reggaeton”.


Her ultimate dream is to compose songs for new artists like: “Jayden - El Grande”, the youthful urban music sensation, but Gina's heart will be shaken when she meets Manu, a charming young man who is determined to succeed.


In the battle between Reggaeton and Trap, Gina dreams of composing songs, although she will soon discover that destiny holds a place for her in fame… and in the purest first love.

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