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Business Areas


We handle all aspects of musical production (artists and repertoire) from the identification, selection and management of talent (and its development), the creative conceptualization of the work and its musical composition (arrangements, voices and instrumentation), to its placement ( physical and / or digital) through recording, mixing, mastering and playback systems (including video clips and television specials)


Somos Music has proven experience in promoting its artists and songs through its relationships with representatives of different media, Radio and Television stations and in-depth knowledge of promotion through social networks and other digital media.


Somos Music has relationships with all digital Music platforms that allow us to market the company's products worldwide.


We have the expertise and legal knowledge in terms of publishing for the selection and management of licenses (our own and third-party) of different types, among them: synchronization, master licenses (master licenses), licenses for public performances, reproduction licenses ( mechanical licenses), print licenses and royalty-free and merchandising licenses.


Somos Music offers effective representation for the best participation of our talent in any musical project in recording, studio or live (shows, video clips, films, etc.). We protect our talent’s participation in these projects, be them institutional or commercial, defending their interests and professional development. The company assists its talent in achieving the best contracting conditions, as well as in the precise and regular handling of royalties.

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