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About Us

SOMOS Music is a company part of SOMOS Group, a group of entities dedicated to the entertainment business, formed by SOMOSTV, SOMOS Next, SOMOS Productions, SOMOS Films and SOMOS Distribution. The company is chaired by Luis Villanueva and its focus is the music business in all its areas, be them music production, marketing and commercialization, legal regulatory environment, talent management and others. SOMOS Music focuses, among other aspects, in the development, production, distribution and promotion of musical compositions (digital songs or instrumentals or in any format/genres); representation and career management of music talent; rights’ enforcement and management (copyright and recording) and live shows production in the United States and Puerto Rico and in general in the Latin American region.


SOMOS Music is made up of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the music business, as well as in different genres and distribution channels. The company’s resources range from writers, producers and arrangers to executives in the legal, marketing, sales and commercializationareas. The company guarantees the professional handling of the different angles of the music business, especially in the digital age, maximizing revenue and safeguarding the interests of the different participants in this fascinating area of ​​the entertainment industry.

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